Ash Wednesday: Communion Antiphon

Psalm 1:2-3

He who ponders the law of the Lord day and night
will yield fruit in due season.
(Psalm 1:2-3)

Verse 1:

Blessed the man who has not walked in the counsel of the ungodly,
nor stood in the way of sinners.
(Psalm 1:1)

Verse 2:

But his will is in the law of the Lord,
and on his law he shall meditate day and night.
(Psalm 1:2)

Verse 3:

And he shall be like a tree which is planted near the running waters,
which shall bring forth its fruit in due season,
and whose leaves shall never fade.
(Psalm 1:3)

Verse 4:

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son,
and to the Holy Spirit,
as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be,
world without end. Amen.
(Gloria Patri)

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Communion Antiphon – Ash Wednesday (Psalm 1:2-3)

Rebecca De La Torre