14th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B: Responsorial Psalm

Psalm 123:1-2, 2, 3-4

Our eyes are fixed on the Lord, pleading for his mercy.

Verse 1:

To you I lift up my eyes
   who are enthroned in heaven—
as the eyes of servants
   are on the hands of their masters.

Verse 2:

As the eyes of a maid
   are on the hands of her mistress,
so are our eyes on the LORD, our God,
   till he have pity on us.

Verse 3:

Have pity on us, O LORD, have pity on us,
   for we are more than sated with contempt;
our souls are more than sated
   with the mockery of the arrogant,
   with the contempt of the proud.

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