2nd Sunday of Easter (Divine Mercy Sunday) Year C: 2nd Reading

Revelation 1:9-11a, 12-13, 17-19

I, John, your brother, who share with you
   the distress, the kingdom, and the endurance we have in Jesus,
   found myself on the island called Patmos
   because I proclaimed God’s word and gave testimony to Jesus.
I was caught up in spirit on the Lord’s day
   and heard behind me a voice as loud as a trumpet, which said,
   “Write on a scroll what you see.”
Then I turned to see whose voice it was that spoke to me,
   and when I turned, I saw seven gold lampstands
   and in the midst of the lampstands one like a son of man,
   wearing an ankle-length robe, with a gold sash around his chest.

When I caught sight of him, I fell down at his feet as though dead.
He touched me with his right hand and said, “Do not be afraid.
I am the first and the last, the one who lives.
Once I was dead, but now I am alive forever and ever.
I hold the keys to death and the netherworld.
Write down, therefore, what you have seen,
   and what is happening, and what will happen afterwards.”