Easter Vigil: Responsorial Psalm 1 – A Form

Psalm 104:1-2, 5-6, 10, 12, 13-14, 24, 35

Lord, send out your Spirit, and renew the face of the earth.

Verse 1:

Bless the LORD, O my soul!
O LORD, my God, you are great indeed!
You are clothed with majesty and glory,
robed in light as with a cloak.

Verse 2:

You fixed the earth upon its foundation,
not to be moved forever;
with the ocean, as with a garment, you covered it;
above the mountains the waters stood.

Verse 3:

You send forth springs into the watercourses
that wind among the mountains.
Beside them the birds of heaven dwell;
from among the branches they send forth their song.

Verse 4:

You water the mountains from your palace;
the earth is replete with the fruit of your works.
You raise grass for the cattle,
and vegetation for man’s use,
producing bread from the earth.

Verse 5:

How manifold are your works, O LORD!
In wisdom you have wrought them all —
the earth is full of your creatures.
Bless the LORD, O my soul!