A Voice Cries Out

Michael Joncas

Lyrics / Letras

1. Console my people, the ones dear to me;
speak to the heart of Jerusalem:
the time of your mourning is ended now,
the Lord of life will come.

A voice cries out in the wilderness:
“Prepare a way for the Lord!”
A voice cries out in the wilderness:
“Make straight a highway for God!”

2. Ev’ry valley is made a plain,
ev’ry mountain is leveled;
the glory of God shall then be revealed,
and the nations will sing in praise.

3. A voice shouts: “Cry!” O what shall I cry?
All flesh is like grass and its flowers:
the grass may wither, the flowers may fade,
but the Word of the Lord is forever.

4. Zion, shout from the mountain top,
lift up your voice, O Jerusalem,
and say to the people of God’s own land,
“Behold, behold your God!”

5. The Lord will appear as a shepherd,
holding his lambs in his arms,
keeping his flock so close to his heart,
leading them all, old and young.