In These Days of Lenten Journey

Ricky Manalo

Lyrics / Letras

In these days of Lenten journey
we have seen and we have heard
the call to sow justice
in the lives of those we serve.

1. We reach out to those who are homeless,
to those who live without warmth.
In the coolness of evening we’ll shelter their dreams;
we will clothe them in mercy and peace.

2. We open our eyes to the hungry and see the faces of Christ.
As we nourish all people who hunger for food, may their faith in our God be renewed.

3. We open our ears to the weary and hear the cry of the poor.
To the voices that echo the song of despair,
we will show our compassion and care.

4. We call on the Spirit of Justice and pray for righteousness’ sake.
We will sing for the freedom of all the oppressed; we will loosen the bonds of distress.