Miracle Of Grace

Curtis Stephan

Lyrics / Letras

Miracle Of Grace

Verse 1
Miracle of grace mystery of faith
Calling us to venture to the deep
Though our senses fail Your graces still prevail
And we become the love that we receive

Bread of Life Bread of Life
Those who eat this bread shall live and never die
Bread of Life Bread of Life
Your true presence in this holy sacrifice
Bread of Life
(Bread of Life)
(Bread of Life)

Verse 2
Unworthy though we are You feed the hungry heart
With bread come down from heaven above
And like a grain of wheat we fall down at Your feet
Dying here with You oh let us rise

Verse 3
Your faithfulness revealed
In this covenant You’ve sealed
With your very body and Your blood
Come claim Your bride again
With love that cannot end
For what God joins no one can divide