The Lord Our God, Enthroned on High

Rebecca De La Torre

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Lyrics / Letras

The Lord our God, enthroned on high,
Let earth rejoice, His name we cry.
Clouds shroud Him in a mystery,
His justice, our foundation be.

Lord, You are King, supreme, divine,
Your glory makes the heavens shine.
From every island, every shore,
Your righteous justice we adore.

Fire marches forth at His command,
His foes consumed on every land.
His lightning splits the dark of night,
The heavens tremble at His might.

The mountains melt like wax before
The Mighty Lord of all the earth
His justice heaven does proclaim,
All peoples laud His glorious name.

Those serving idols face their shame,
All false gods bow before His name.
Zion is glad, raises its voice
while Judah’s daughters all rejoice

Lord, God, our King of holiness
who honest hearts forever bless
We give you thanks, eternity
will ever praise your majesty.