A dream over 8 years in the making

I can hardly believe that this site is finally coming together. I think I first had the idea to post all my psalms online over 8 years ago, but wasn’t quite ready to really invest the time required to make this happen. Actually, I had left engineering in 2006 and wasn’t ready to return to programming. I was still trying to learn how to play the piano!

But due to difficulties this past summer, I had to learn to code simply out of necessity… (long story that I’ll talk about later), and then I remember how natural it is for me. I literally started programming in BASIC in 2nd grade on the Apple IIe and Commodore Pet computers. Sure, it was all silly little kid things but it planted a seed… Although I let my programming skills sit dormant for over 12 years, they came right back to me when I needed them – just like riding a bike, seriously.

What I’m trying to accomplish here (and WILL accomplish) is far more than just publishing my own compositions of psalms, communion antiphons, mass settings, etc. I am developing a database of songs appropriate for the Catholic mass from ALL publishers and independent composers. As it is, I haven’t been able to find such a resource, so I’m finally building my own. I want to be able to select a feast day and get song recommendations from CCLI, ILP, GIA/WLP, and OCP as well as (or rather, *especially*) indie artists.

This project will take a LONG time for one person to develop. But I feel called to do this – crazy as it is – and if it’s really part of my purpose in life then God will provide the other people and resources needed to make it happen.

I hope to be able to help English and Spanish Catholic music ministers throughout the world to prepare better liturgies for their congregations. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the journey.

– Rebecca 


About Rebecca De La Torre

The primary developer of The Modern Psalmist, Rebecca De La Torre holds her B.S. in Computer Science from Arizona Sate University, and did graduate work in Digital Signal Processing. She serves as the Webmaster and Director of Music at Queen of Peace Parish in Mesa, AZ. She is also the owner and audio engineer at Topkat Studios in Tempe, AZ.

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  1. elizabeth brownlee

    Beautiful endeavor. You have a great voice gifted by the Holy Spirit. Looking forward to the compilation of Catholic hymns.


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