Lenten Updates

Lenten Updates

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Welcome to the Modern Psalmist newsletter. And happy Lent!

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I hope your Lenten preparations have been fruitful and that you have enjoyed the free downloads available on the Modern Psalmist site.

Providing resources to elevate the liturgy and help to gently introduce congregations to sacred music (in Latin, English, and Spanish) are major goals at The Modern Psalmist.

Year B Antiphons posted

Although most of the year the antiphons are independent of the calendar cycle (A, B, or C), during Lent and in a few other places we have specific antiphons to fit the gospel reading for the day. That said, the remaining year B Lenten communion antiphons online. These are bilingual metered antiphons in Dm with psalm tone verses that use a simple step-wise form easy for a congregation to follow. All sheet music is online now and the recordings/videos being published as we progress through Lent. (Introits for Lent in Gregorian Mode I are already posted in English and Spanish with recordings).

What about Offertory Antiphons?

Offertory antiphon composition will begin this summer and I expect will take about a year to complete. I’m leaning toward metered antiphons with psalm tone verses, as that format is generally easier to introduce to a congregation not accustomed to sacred music.

Remaining Year B psalms (in English and Spanish) have also been posted, and going forward, all will have both metered verses as well as plain chant verses.
Link: Upcoming Psalms

Several people have emailed me to make me aware of errors in some musical scores. Please keep those coming! It’s very helpful for me.

I have received several suggestions for improving the site, particularly in making it easier to find all the antiphons, psalms, and gospel acclamations for a given feast day. I will begin that development in March.

If you have any suggestions for site improvements or if you find any errors in any of the scores, please don’t hesitate to email me.

God bless you,

Rebecca De La Torre


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