Multiple Images for a Given Feast Day

Multiple Images for a Given Feast Day

by | Aug 24, 2020 | Commentary, Latest News and Development | 0 comments

As I work on selecting images for each feast day, I think that some feast days just have so many good options to use as the primary image that I find it difficult to choose. I want to enhance the readings and message of the day with beautiful sacred art – and sometimes I would like to be able to show multiple images for a given Sunday since there are so many good options. So much time already goes into searching for beautiful, public domain fine art and icons that I think it’s worth the additional effort to display them.

Therefore, I’ve decided to begin to curate multiple images for any given feast day when it makes sense. Eventually, I’ll create a dynamic gallery link (or something of that nature) where you can click on the desired feast day and be able to scroll through the curated images as you meditate on the scriptures.

Keep checking back for updates – or, better, subscribe to our Commentary (in English or Spanish or both), and as always, thank you for visiting The Modern Psalmist!


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