Offertory Antiphons coming to The Modern Psalmist

Offertory Antiphons

Hard work has begun to input all the Offertory Antiphons into the site, starting with the 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time. They will also be set to a simple metered antiphon with psalm tone verses.
(This will be my first iteration of the Offertory Antiphons. Later iterations will be in Gregorian modes.)
I expect to have this update completed this week, where you can begin to see the Offertory Antiphons (and verses) on the Feast Day displays as well as on the Antiphons page.

Spanish Pronunciation Guides

I know that many of the people who have come to rely on The Modern Psalmist resources are Spanish mass leaders but are *not* native speakers. Coming soon, I will be providing audio pronunciation guides of the antiphons, responsorial psalm, and gospel acclamation for each Sunday and major feast day. Stay tuned for that. It will be announced on the front page of the site when it is ready.

Spanish Pentecost Sequence

In case you still need a Sequence for Pentecost Sunday (since it is *not* optional), you can find my very simple Gregorian Mode VIII setting here.

I’ve been using this for the past several years and the congregation picks up on it right away.

** It is not optional, but it can be read by the lector (preferably joined by the congregation) if the choir does not lead it. **

That’s all for today! Please email me if you have any questions or concerns.

God Bless you!

Rebecca De La Torre


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