El Salmista Moderno es un proyecto desarrollado por SoulSong Music, un negocio 501(c)3 nonprofit, un publicador para compositores católicos independientes. Todos los comentarios sobre el salmista moderno son apreciados y bienvenidos. Siéntase libre de utilizar el siguiente formulario de contacto.

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Contribute to The Modern Psalmist

Thank you for your interest in contributing to The Modern Psalmist.  We are constantly building our index and catalog to connect worship leaders and liturgical ministers with inspired contemporary Christian and sacred music.

The Modern Psalmist is primarily an index of liturgical and sacred music resources.  We do not directly publish music, but rather link seasons, feast days, and liturgical celebrations to appropriate songs to aid worship/liturgical planners.  We are completely publisher-independent. However, if we had a bias, it would be for the indepenent and unpublished composers whose inspired works have not yet been granted a platform to reach the millions of the faithful whose spiritual journeys they are meant to inspire.

For all other contribution inquiries aside from music submissions, please use our contact form here.


Individual Compositions

Only theologically correct, Christian compositions are eligible for The Modern Psalmist.  Verbatim, fully-composed responsorial psalms from the Catholic lectionary are especially welcome, as are mass settings and antiphon settings.

Please note: all music submissions are required to have the following:

  1. A public link to a clean mp3 recording of the piece.  Professional studio recordings are not required as long as the vocals and accompaniment are clear and uncluttered.
  2. A link to a PDF of the lead sheet (or a link to where the PDF can be purchased) including a minimum of the melody line, lyrics, and chords (sheets with only lyrics/chords will not be considered) Example
  3. The full lyrics of the song as text.
  4. The full name(s) of the composer(s)
  5. A valid email address for correspondence

Once received, all pieces that meet the requirements will be reviewed by our board of directors and voted on for inclusion in the catalog/index.  This process will usually happen within 30 days but may take as long as 90 days depending on the season and availability of our board members.  You will receive an email response when a decision has been reached.

Music/Liturgy Directors and Worship Leaders

The Modern Psalmist depends on unique and creative song selections to be contributed by those very ministers who constantly review and select songs for their own congregations.  If you are a full-time or part-time professional music/liturgy planner or worship leader, please complete a registration form here.  Thank you for your interest!